Utilize Origami For Your Big Wedding Day

 10 ways to utilize origami for your wedding

Origami is a Japanese art form involving paper folding which can be molded into various shapes and designs. The origami art form is practically limitless where you can carve out various symbols representing wisdom, marital happiness or fertility. A huge number of couples are increasingly turning to origami to accompany their once in a lifetime day, as origami is nice to see and promotes blissful marriage. Unwrap the gorgeous origami by using some of the best methods to incorporate origami into your big wedding day.

 10 ways to utilize origami for your big wedding day

Right on top of the list is to use origami for your wedding invites. Your guests can catch a glimpse on the wedding day expectations by sending them a well-crafted colorful origami. Design styles, color matching, and tone schemes can all be tailored to your liking and desired ideas and you can take your time to find the perfect match to go with the vital wedding invitations. You can see some examples at Soughton Hall Mold.

Origami can be used as a place card on reception tables or even on the dining tables for each seat the guests are occupying as a decorative item. These intricate paper foldings will add an extra touch to the wedding décor and a well-made origami single-handedly created by the skillful dexterous hands will put a big smile on your treasured guests, especially the ones who loved animals. Origami used as boutonniere would make the male guests stand out and are a very appropriate replacement for flowers. Grooms can make use of origami buttonholes by inserting one copy of written vows. Origami templates for the meal menu are another great idea to inform the guests for the food items to be expected throughout the wedding.

Guests will be confused without a seating chart and a well-made origami seating charts using paper cranes can serve as a useful guide as to their table locations and make the plan more appealing and pleasing to the eye. Do not underestimate the power of using origami as a chair décor. Origami papers can be placed strategically on every wedding chair for every single guest. To add more variety, you can always make one cone shape origami and insert strands of herbs to upgrade the origami status as aroma emitter. The fresh lavender scent will send guests into an aromatic dreamland.

Wedding cakes usually are topped with little couple dolls. Origami can make an outstanding wedding cake décor as well if you want to bring the origami ideas to the next level. Origami can be doubled as a bridal bouquet. Paper roses would make a fine bridal bouquet in place of the fresh flower. They have an everlasting feature and do not wilt with time while beautiful to the eyes as well. Origami bouquet could also be eye-catching and memorable to single ladies anticipating the bouquet toss.

Wedding venue décor can be made outstanding is they are littered with paper cranes serving as hanging centerpieces. These paper cranes add spice and charm to the whole venue and livens the spirit. With the current technological advancement and modern times, origami lovers can consider going all in by ordering for a custom tailor made origami inspired wedding dress. One such brand includes Jasper Garvida wedding dress.